SamgyupSalamat Under Korean Alley is getting bigger!

Did you know that?

Samgyupsalamat was coined from the word “Samgyupsal” which means “Pork belly” in Korea, and “Salamat”, which means “Thank you” in Filipino. Combining the two, it makes “Samgyupsalamat”.

It may sound like a word play but it simply means, “Thank you for eating Samgyupsal”.

From only a handful of customers at the beginning, SamgyupSalamat now prided itself with customers waiting in line.

“SamgyupSalamat /Zoomanity Group in UnliCity At Century CityMall were very dedicated in training its staff so we can give our customers an unforgettable experience So they'll come back for more," quips Sassy Punzalan , SamgyupSalamat Operations Manager

"We're very happy  that customers keeps on patronizing us.  We're very grateful that  customers continue to flock in all of our branches.  Some customers even wait in line till 2 in the morning.”added Ms.  Punzalan.

Samgyupsalamat Under Korean Alley can be found in four (4) locations just in a span of less than a year.  Its branches are located  in Metropolitan in Makati, Residence Inn Tagaytay, Century City Mall in Makati and At Alabang Town Center.

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