I was invited to taste Davao's iconic coffee -- the Blugré Coffee at Club Manila East together with several other bloggers. The very amiable owner Mr.Benjamin Cuaresma is the one who fetch us from Robinson's Galleria and brought us to Blugré Coffee Club Manila East branch.
I find their location very strategic because it is just beside Taytay City hall and across Club Manila East. Plus, they have ample parking space. They also offer their seminar room, meeting room and other packages to suit your needs.  I think the word that I catch was "consumable" I have yet to verify this.  So, I think it is better if you get in touch with Blugre through their FB page and ask about their packages.

Blugré is an all-Filipino coffee chain that serves Davao's durian coffee.  I find its DuterTEA concoction very witty and shall I word it "timely" because the Philippines current president is Rodrigo Duterte who happens to hail from Davao too.  It comes in hot and cold. A very nice drink that you'll surely love.  Tip: Drink the DuterTEA while it is still hot or warm because it tends to taste bitter when it gets cold.  This is only my personal observation.  Better go and visit them personally to find out for yourself. :-P!

I actually came across Blugré Coffee Kiosk at SM in Davao way back in 2008.  And it was a love at first bite! Their Durian Cheesecake is LOVE!  I was vacationing in Davao and our family friend brought us to a kiosk famous for their Durian cakes and coffee. So, that particular visit was my initial encounter with Durian Cheesecake.  I think it is the best way to introduce someone to an acquired taste like that of Durian.  You can't deny the fact that some people find Durian foul smelling but vouch that it taste like heaven.  To tell you honestly, I don't like the Durian fruit the first time I taste it.  But Blugré coffee tends to masks and drown out the pungent smell and taste of Durian. That makes Blugré Coffee a very good first step to prepare a person about the taste of the real fruit. 

Aside from their cakes and coffee they also offer Durian chips, pasta, chicken and breads and even rice meals such as tapsilog, cornsilog and a whole lot more. Maybe, next time I would be able to have a taste test of all of them.  Almost all of it has a hint of Durian when you drink or eat it. 

Blugré Coffee also offers Chocnut drink and it is very delicious! I simply love it. You should try it too!