Limbaga 77, Savor the Taste and Feel Of Filipino Home-cooking

That feeling of coming home, being welcomed by the hearty aroma of a lovingly prepared meal to be shared and savored with loved ones – that’s what Limbaga 77 hopes to evoke as diners step into this newly opened restaurant located in Scout Limbaga, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. 
Converted from a rustic house, Limbaga 77 retains its homey feel as it intends to be a place where family and friends can enjoy the best of Filipino home-cooking.

 After all, the place was converted from a 50 year old house and its original architecture was retained including the wooden floor panels and the large window frames, to preserve its cozy, homey feel.  The old house’s receiving areas were converted into dining halls, bedchambers into function rooms and the patio and veranda into al fresco dining areas –  all comfortably furnished and decked with minimalist ornaments. Limbaga 77’s owners, led by entrepreneur, Rex Tiri, said “it was really intended to be a venue for family and friends – like a second home where they can enjoy comfort food.”
The Limbaga 77 menu is decidedly Filipino, comprised of classic recipes reminiscent of the country’s diverse home cooking.  While diners are made to feel right at home, their palates are treated to an appetizing journey by offering them dishes that have graced the tables of households in different regions of the Philippines.    
For example, there’s the all-time favorite Crispy Pata – boiled, baked, and deep fried pork leg in coconut juice and beef stock with roasted garlic soy sauce and bay leaf – which will go well with Poqui Poqui Rolls, an Ilocano inspired grilled eggplant omelet stuffed in lumpia wrapper and served with a homemade sweet chili sauce.  Diners can also order Stuffed Laing, the restaurant’s version of the popular Bicol delicacy that combines fresh taro leaves, ground pork, white shrimp, simmered in chicken stock, coco milk with lemon grass, white onion and garlic or Binusog na Pusit – succulent squid marinated in organic honey and calamansi, stuffed with tomatoes, onion, cheese, chili leaves pesto, sprinkled with soy sauce.  

Of course, any Filipino meal is not complete without rice.  While most like rice just plain and simple, diners are encouraged to try the Danggit Fried Rice featuring the South’s well-loved dried fish mixed with scallions, sliced scrambled eggs, onions and garlic; or the Bagoong Rice, made savory by accentuating rice with tangy fish paste, bits of sweet mango, tomatoes, white onions and garlic.

Limbaga 77’s original creations are likewise a must-try as they present ingredients and ways of cooking that are quite out of the ordinary.  Ever heard of Stuffed Bulaklak ng Kalabasa? This dish serves squash blossoms packed with a delicious meld of ground pork, local white cheese, cheddar cheese, spring and white onions and garlic.  How about Dahon ng Sili Pesto Pasta? This is the Filipino version of aglio e olio linguini pasta using local chili leaves pesto, topped with cashew nuts.   Most people know adobo to be a chicken and/or pork fare but Limbaga 77’s version is Spicy Seafood Adobo, which brings together crabs, white shrimps, mussels and squid cooked in coconut milk, soy sauce, and vinegar.   

The delight does not end after the main meal because the desserts and coffee also offer a unique experience. Highly recommended are the Brazo Tablea Cake, a Filipino-Spanish fusion dessert highlighted by hints of cocoa tablea and Batangas barako coffee; and Bikoron, which presents sticky rice cooked in coconut milk in turon-style – rolled in lumpia wrapper with a dash of peanut sauce.  Coffee lovers on the other hand will surely be interested in Limbaga 77’s luscious concoction of organic coffee beans from Benguet, Mt. Province and Bukidnon, sweetened by a popular sacharrine treat from Ilocos called Balikutsa.   

With its delicious food, cordial atmosphere, Limbaga 77 is actually a place that diners who love Filipino cooking can call home.   For inquiries and reservation, call 09267158134 or email