A Christmas To Remember: Christmas Bazaar For A Cause
Treston International College, in cooperation with Mrs. Fields, one of the largest retailers of freshly baked specialty cookies, held a two day bazaar at the ground floor of its school premises.
One of the participants during the bazaar is Mrs. Fields.

My brother and I love Mrs. Fields ever since we tasted its cookies in Hong Kong a long long time ago. Mrs. Fields CafĂ© is open at the Ground Floor of Treston building serving freshly-baked cookies, brownies, muffins, sandwiches, pasta and hot and cold beverages.

Aside from the bazaar, there is also a free cooking demo at Treston International College's designer demonstration kitchen. Treston has state-of-the-art facilities at par with other culinary schools.
Fresh vegetables were sliced and diced by the chef.
 I learned a thing or two during the free cooking demo.
Treston's Credo is DUC IN OMNIA, a Latin phrase which means 'To Lead In All Things'. As a testament to this philosophy, Treston continues to take the lead in the following:
  1. Innovative & Globally-Responsive Programs
  2. State-of-Art Facilities
  3. Academic & Professional Certifications (for college students and professionals)

Treston International College's Mission is to provide the international community with globally competent and ethical professionals.