Keep your man cool when TTC

Keep your man cool when TTC

Men need to be cool. It has been said time and again that a man can proved his masculinity by having children from different sources. Well, what if the man could not produce its own sperm? It has been said that a man needs to have a good quality and quantity of sperm when the couple is trying to conceive. 

A woman does not only need to take care of herself but also her partner. Men need to stay healthy and fit in order to produce healthy and good swimmer sperms. 

There are also things that men have to avoid to keep the sperm from being damaged. 

Laptops are one of the most common sperm killers nowadays. Your partner should not use the laptop on his lap for so long as it may damage the sperm. Wearing cycling or tight shorts may also damage your partner’s sperms. 

The sperms need to be cooled as they are quite sensitive. With that being said, men are also encouraged to avoid going to saunas and using hot tubs as they will not help in trying to conceive. Have your partner eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and eat less and less junk and processed foods. 

According to, zinc and omega-3 can help improve your man’s fertility, so make sure he gets this nutrition from the food he eats. Further, make sure to get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol as well as taking drugs. Improving your partner’s fertility is a step by step process, but if he's committed with you to starting a family, it is a small price to pay for a huge reward.

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