DESSERT JARS: Heavenly Taste

Everything tastes better out of a jar! Dessert Jars mousse simply reminds me of the special goodness of fresh and made from scratch desserts made by my auntie Lolly. They're simply heavenly!

Dessert jars line of desserts is especially made by Chef Carol. It comes in five (5) variants, namely:
  1. Peanut Butter Oreo Cheesecake
  2. Green Tea Chocolate Mousse
  3. Mocca Mousse
  4. Lady Finger Trifle
  5. Orange Chocolate Mousse
I think it can be a very nice presents to your friends and love ones. I was surprised that my brother who hardly eats sweets for dessert devoured the whole jar by himself! I scoop one spoonful using the attached wooden spoon and it was really delicious.
 My favorite is the Peanut Butter Oreo Cheesecake squeezed in a jar.
The chocolate mousse is simply irresistible too! 
The green tea is such a delicious treat. 
You could see the love that the chef invested on each of the dessert jars. it was delicately wrapped, labeled and tied with a colorful string with a wooden spoon attached. It was so dainty. 

Whatever flavors you choose you can never go wrong with desserts squeezed in a jar. Enjoy!

I am surprised that it only costs between Php70 to Php95 per small bottle and Php180 for the big bottle.

For your orders please call Chef Carol at (632)0998-4664571  or visit