RED CHINA RESTAURANT: Offers Popular Chinese Food From Across Asia
Red China restaurant is the newest Chinese restaurant in TriNoma Mall in Quezon City. It replaced the Superbowl restaurant located at the ground level of TriNoma Mall (North Avenue entrance). It specializes in food favorites from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines.
The owners of Superbowl Restaurant are providing Filipinos another satisfying dining experience with Red China Restaurant which started serving authentic Chinese food favorites from all over Asia at TriNoma Mall only last August 12, 2013.
"There is that promise of a unique and exciting dining experience by serving up a range of Chinese specialties that are certified crowd-pleasers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines,” quips Richmond Yang, Red China restaurant's managing director.

I believe Red China restaurant targets the more adventurous diners who wants to enjoy different tastes of Chinese cuisine. Red China serves smaller portions than Superbowl's.

Superbowl serves traditional Chinese food that is already popular in the Philippines. 

From among its set of starters, Red China's Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (four pieces at P260) is among those that I like.
I also like the Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings (six pieces at P150).

Among the authentic and favorite Chinese dishes being served at Red China is the Roast Chicken in Mala Sauce from Singapore. It's juicy chicken marinated in a special roasting mix and drenched with spicy Mala sauce.

Priced at P350 for a half serving, which is good for two persons, the dish is best with Yang Chow or Mixed Vegetable fried rice.
Also best with rice is the Chicken Chop (P175), a favorite from Taiwan, served with sweet chili sauce.
The restaurant also has a Roast Collection, including Roast Pork Asado immersed in a special Lao Mian sauce.

Yang said that Red China collaborated with its international culinary experts based in Singapore for several dishes, including the Roast Pork Asado, Shrimp Paste Chicken Wings and Spicy Eggplant.

Other offerings being served are seafood and vegetable dishes and Chinese noodles, particularly the signature dishes Minced Meat Asado Lao Mian (P175) 
Red China has a delicious line up of soups and noodle soups. First on the list is Chinese favorite Birthday Noodles (Php180).

Food is served fresh as much as possible to avoid spoilingWe were also able to try its signature soups:
I so love Red China's Scallop Chicken Soup (reasonably priced at Php140).
Apple Chicken Soup Php140
To cap your Chinese dining experience, try Red China's peanut buchi, fresh taho and egg tarts. Other desserts served at the restaurant are Deep Fried Sesame Balls, Mango Sago, Halo-Halo and Grass Jelly with Lychee. I always like the egg tarts in Macau.
Red China said all its dishes are cooked and served fresh and all ingredients are brought in daily to the store.
Red China restaurant yummy drinks.