Now, the finest high-end brands of cookware and kitchen products from all over the world are within the reach of Filipino culinary experts and enthusiasts. KitchenWorks, the country’s newest culinary haven, is now open at at Lower Ground Level, East Wing in Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City.
KitchenWorks is showcasing global brands that have stood the test of time, an innovation in the Philippine market. These are France’s De Buyer; Switzerland’s Kuhn Rikon, Spring and Swiss Diamond; Germany’s Rösle; Italy’s Barrazoni, Mori and KnIndustrie; and Japan’s Shun.

From the innovative mind of its managing director Vohne Yao, the concept for KitchenWorks caters to the growing interest of food preparation and cooking among Pinoy foodies. Yao is a third-generation retailer from the Lucerne Group of Companies. Raised in the family business headed by his father Ivan, he grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

“Years ago, when I travelled to Australia to pursue my university degree, I developed a passion for cooking; a passion that was fuelled by the abundance of fresh ingredients, great food and the wonderful culinary culture,” Yao said.

“The exposure to the world of cooking led me to discover how the interplay of high quality cooking equipment and fresh ingredients really lead to absolutely delicious tasting food.”

Yao sees the importance of using the best cookware in bringing out the best tasting food. With this realization, Yao sourced out the best cookware from all over the world and made them available in KitchenWorks.
De Buyer's cookware
De Buyer has nearly two centuries of experience of manufacturing cooking and pastry utensils for the top-of-the-range gastronomy. There’s the Mineral B Element pan that does not come with any chemical coating, guaranteeing healthy cooking. There’s the Prima Matera cookware, which is induction ready and perfect for hotplates, thanks to its 2-mm thick copper stainless steel. De Buyer has also released its French Collection, cookware with handles inspired by Parisian monuments.
Kuhn Rikon's cookware
Kuhn Rikon is known for designing cooking utensils that make healthy cooking faster. It has introduced the Hot Pan cookware that conserves nutrients and vitamins that would have been lost in traditional high head cooking. Kuhn Rikon’s Luzern is a superthermic sandwich base that allows a prime heat distribution while Durotherm prepares fine food in a healthy way while saving energy.
Spring's cookware
Spring prides itself in cookware tested and approved by numerous professional cooks. Examples range from Fondue Bourguignonne, which popularized cooking at the table, to the Vulcano GLI recoatable non-stick frying pan.
Swiss Diamond cookware
Swiss Diamond cookware features unsurpassed non-stick performance for healthy cooking and easy clean-up. The patented non-stick coating, reinforced with real diamond particles, allows oil-free cooking and cleans up with warm soapy water.
Rösle's Tagine
Rösle lives the joy of innovation. Its products are not only best-selling but also award-winning. Examples are the Tagine—a cone-shaped stainless steel that provides excellent heat distribution; the Deep Bowl—a decorative bowl that has a rim facilitating pouring of liquids; Locking Tong that can be opened and locked using one hand; and the Garlic Press, which is useful for unpeeling garlic cloves.
Barrazoni's My Lady Pots
Barrazoni is known for mixing form and function. Its My Lady Pots won the Red Dot Design in Germany and the Good Design Award in the US. Also popular are the My Lady Utensils that have unique shapes and designs that are lovely to look and at the same time, practical and easy to use.
Chateau Thermal Containers
Mori’s collections of cutlery and pots are of the highest quality—a result of skilful combination of elegance and reliability. The Chateau Thermal Containers from Mori can hold various shaped dishes to ensure perfect service and presentation for any occasion either at home or outdoors.
KnIndustrie's Whitepots
KnIndustrie uses eco-friendly materials in manufacturing modern cooking utensils. There’s the stylish and functional Whitepot with a handle made from walnut for a secure grip. KnIndustrie is also known for its handle feature that can convert a container into a large casserole, a pan or a cupboard.
Shun Kitchen Knife
Shun, its kitchen knives, is a leading blade making company that traces its roots from the days of the samurai in Japan. They are likewise hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. The knives also have unprecedented sharp edges that help preserve the natural flavor and texture of food.

Aside from the high end brands, Yao said Kitchenworks will also offer a dramatic way of shopping. “The area is brightly lit with relaxing music in the background. During mall hours, there will be cooking demos, lessons and other events to be held in a fully-functioning in-store kitchen,” he shared.

Kitchenworks is located at Lower Ground Level, East Wing in Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. Like its Facebook page at for more information about the country’s newest culinary haven.