From a humble food stall way back in 2008, Kebabers has grown into a full-blown sit-down fast food chain. With the opening of its newest restaurant (operated by a franchisee) at the 4th Floor of SM Manila, Kebabers restaurant now boasts a total of 7 branches in 2 years. 

So what can you expect from Kebabers? 

Beef pichos
Beef Pichos
This is our appetizer - beef pichos (or Persian nachos). One serving (Php95) is good for 2-3 people. The chips are deep fried, thick, crispy and, what I like most about them, not salty. They are topped by ground beef, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions and sprinkled with special garlic sauce and a lot of grated cheese. As the chips are a little bit thick, some of them are hard to bite on. Overall, however, the pichos are okay.

If you like nachos with middle eastern flavor, you will most probably appreciate beef pichos. 

Shawarma rice bowl (beef)
Shawarma Rice Bowl
Shawarma Rice Bowl (Monster Beef) is basically made of rice toppings of ground beef, chunks of tomatoes, onions and cucumber. Instead of being wrapped in pita, the meat of the shawarma is used as a rice topping. You can have this, without the drink, at Php99.    

Kebab rice meal
Cheese Kebab Rice Meal
Cheese Kebab Rice Meal is available in three different flavors: beef, chicken and fish. The 2-piece Kebab meal costs Php95 while the 3-piece Kebab meal costs Php125.

While the Kebab strips taste different from the authentic ones served in Persian restaurants, they are not bad. What I like about the Kebab strips is the cheese oozing from inside the strips. 

Keema rice meal
Keema Rice Meal
Keema rice meal (Ground beef with tomatoes and onions).  With its Asian twist, I can say that it tastes just right. But people who had eaten keema from other Persian restaurants might be disappointed. So don't expect too much.

Beef Shawarma
Beef Kebab Shawarma
Beef Kebab Shawarma (Php79). I love the crispy potato strips that look like Pik-Nik sticks in this shawarma! The shawarma tastes just right. It's not too bland and not too spicy.  Depending on your taste preference, you could opt to spice up the shawarma with garlic sauce. 

Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge
Kebabers' own version of chocolate fudge is allegedly made with 50% Pure Belgian Chocolate and 50% Pure Heaven. You can have a piece of this heaven for only Php55.
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