TITOS RESTO AND GRILL: Boracay's Hidden Gem
With a menu that features several exciting choices, both local and foreign tourists will surely find something to satisfy their palates. We started our gastronomical adventure in Boracay with Titos signature dishes beginning with its popular appetizers such as TITOS savory Hunghang Chicken (P200.00), one of TITOS best sellers! The dish consists of chicken wings twice fried, marinated and coated with its very own secret spicy recipe. I asked why it is called "Hunghang". I was told that "Hunghang" is the name of the owner's son college barkada (friend). Hunghang chicken is very tender and tasty. Even the smallest portion of the chicken seems to have been marinated. It instantly became one of my favorites!
Ensaladang Talong (P165.00). This dish consists of mashed grilled eggplant served in red corral lettuce, with tomatoes and red onions. It's very fresh and crunchy.

Several gourmet pizzas are also available. We had the creamy Carbonara Pizza (P450.00). Carbonara Pizza is one of Titos best sellers! A deliciously creamy pizza with ham, bacon, and mushrooms and topped with a sunny-side up egg. 

Love at first bite!This is so unique! Delicious and crunchy. One of my favorites. Verdict: Two Thumbs up! It is highly recommended. Please open a branch in Manila. Please!
For mouthwatering entrées, we had Tilapia with Mango Salsa (P310.00) which definitely hit the spot.

Adobo with Kesong Puti (P 255.00) is also one of the resto's signature dishes. It consists of a perfectly grilled pork and chicken in balsamic vinegar, whole peppercorn and bay leaf and topped with soft melted white Laguna cheese and crunchy golden garlic. Verdict: Two thumbs up!

Boracay Rice (P220.00) is yummylicious on its own. It consists of fried rice, small bacon bits, crunchy golden garlic topped with shredded scrambled egg. It is very delicious even without ulam (viand)!
Our panulak (drink) is a fresh mango shake! (P120.00)

We ended our meal with one of Titos signature dessert - Fried Halo-Halo ( P185.00) which consists of two deep fried Halo-Halo "rolls" served with creamy ube ice cream and topped with sweet mango chunks. Yum yum! It is said to have created a buzz in the local community as a must-try dessert.

TITOS Resto and Grill
2nd and 3rd floors0255 Station 2
Boracay, 5608 
Malay, Aklan
Telephone Numbers (036) 288-2369; (036) 663-0079 
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 2:00 am

Trapped in your hotel room because of the rain? Don't worry, TITOS Resto and Grill delivers for free! Call them up (036) 288-2369.