My brother and I were recently invited to an exclusive event at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant at the New Glorietta Mall last week. It was my second time to eat at Watami with my friends. I already dined at Watami last year when it opened its first branch in the Philippines. Watami means coming together in one place to enjoy good food.

For appetizers, I highly recommend Watami Salad. Aside from being yummy, it is also very nutritious. It is a combination of mushroom, chicken strips, shrimps, nori (thin, dried seaweed sheets), a scoop of tuna mayonnaise, grapes, corn, lettuce, onion, cherry tomato and broccoli tossed in sesame ponzu  (a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisine) dressing, which is imported from Japan. My brother and I love this appetizer!!

First to arrive among our orders is my brother's order. The chicken dish was specially meant for my brother who happened to love any chicken dish! The Chicken Cutlet with Scramble Egg Sauce resembles tonkatsu (pork cutlet). The chicken strips were deep-fried and covered with a scrambled egg mixture. I find the chicken cutlets too fatty and oily though. I think it would be better if they put less oil on it. I actually ordered Beef Pepper Rice in Stone Pot but it never came. So my brother and I just shared this dish. 

We also tried the Grilled Scallops with Butter and Lemon. The scallops were fresh and meaty. It was served in a sizzling plate which gives off a mouth watering garlic aroma. It was a feast on our sense of smell but I find this dish a little salty for my taste. I had only one bite so maybe I happened to eat the portion where the salt was concentrated. I think it would be better if they don't put salt on this dish. 

I love how the Crab Meat Pot Rice was presented. It was served  in a small-scale replica of the kama (iron pot) to create an individual serving of kamameshi (kettle rice) dish. In Japanese, kama means iron pot and meshi means rice. In the past, large-sized kama was used by Japanese in cooking rice. By cooking the rice and various ingredients in an iron pot, the rice gets slightly burned at the bottom which adds a desirable flavor to the rice served in a kamameshi pot to keep the rice piping hot.  

I particularly like it as the crab flavor was very much evident. It is a must-try! Please note that it took about 20 to 30 minutes, before the dish was served, so you need to order this ahead of time and partake of the appetizers while waiting.
All six of us enjoyed the Japanese Bolognese Pizza. It is basically a pizza with egg which you have to spread over the whole pizza.
This Assorted Skewer dish was ordered by my brother.  
Since I love beef. I requested for a well-done Self-Grilled Short Ribs dish and had our server grill it for us. This is my favorite! I love how the meat was cooked. It was so tender and flavorful.

My dessert, Macha Parfait, came after my brother left already with our camera, I was a little bit disappointed, not only because I was not able to take a picture of the dessert but also because everybody got their dessert earlier except me.

What a feast! Overall, we really enjoyed our lunch at Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant.