Watami Introduces Lunch Set Menu
Watami, the number one casual restaurant in Japan, is introducing a new lunch set menu to whet the appetite of office workers and diners alike looking to experience an authentic taste of Japan at the convenience of their hectic schedules.
An intimate Japanese haven set in key locations around the metro, Watami’s restaurants are homey, with low-key lighting and booth-style seating. Wood panels and contrasting distressed tiles are a calming background for busy days, and are the perfect backdrop for a respite from work, catching up with friends, or sharing a meal with family.
The lunch set menus start at P275, and are served with salad and miso soup. With options that cater to a wide array of gastronomes, from raw foodies to noodle nibblers to rice lovers.
The lunch menu features Watami’s signature Stone Pots, which are one-bowl wonders of Black Pepper Beef, Pork, or Beef Sukiyaki served in heated pots that not only keep the meal warm, but also cooks the meat to your liking. If raw keeps you filled, there are options for tuna or salmon sashimi rice sets, served with your choice of mini cold or hot udon to complement the meal.

Other items included in the lunch menu include rice sets featuring tempura, deep fried chicken or pork, roasted mackerel, Tokyo-style beef served with hot spring egg, and chicken cutlet with scrambled egg sauce. Alternatively, you can also enjoy noodles with the cold soba and tempura set.
Other signature dishes at Watami include Beef Sukiyaki, Stone Pots, Assorted Tempura, Pizza, and oversized drinks.
Watami has over 700 restaurants in Asia and has branches in Glorietta 1 and at Mall of Asia, with more to open within the year. The restaurant is part of The Bistro Group, a collection of international hospitality casual dining brands and home-grown restaurant concepts, namely TGI Friday's, Italianni's, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Pig Out!, Krazy Garlik, The Stock Market, Bulgogi Brothers, Ma Maison, Village Tavern, and Modern Shanghai.

For more information, visit Watami Philippines on Facebook.