Armada Hotel's Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant

Thai restaurants have good chili dishes that delight the Bicolana in me. That's why when I got a text message from a friend of mine asking if I am free the following day for a food review  of a Thai restaurant, I didn't think twice and I readily answered yes I am! I swear I got all giddy with excitement and couldn't wait for the next day to come. 

Yum Som-O (Spicy Pomelo Salad)  is a beautiful starter to any Thai or Asian-style meal, so we started off with this very delicious appetizer. Raja Restaurant's version of the Spicy Pomelo Salad has the right balance of sweet/sour/spicy/salty mix of  fresh pomelo tossed with roasted chili paste, lime juice, palm sugar dressing, cucumber, tomato, pepper, mint, onions and of course red hot chili for that added oomph! All I can say is - winner! 

Pad Thai (ผัดไทยกุ้งสด)

In Thailand, Pad Thai is the ultimate street food. Stir fried rice noodles with chives, bean sprouts and shrimps. Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant has a great Pad Thai which has a reddish and brownish color, dry and light bodied, with a fresh, complex, balanced flavor. The color in Pad Thai comes from ground chili peppers and tamarind. Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant's Pad Thai is so yummy! 
Another winner on my list is the wonderful Khao Phad Kra Prao Gai (ข้าวผัดไก่) or simply Thai Chicken Fried Rice. The serving portions at Raja Thai Restaurant are massive! This brown rice with cashew nuts is so delicious! It is composed mainly of jasmine rice, garlic, cucumber, bite-size chicken, red and green chili peppers, oyster sauce, fish sauce, red bell pepper, fresh sweet basil leaves  and cilantro. What a scrumptious treat!
Tom Yum Goong (ต้มยำกุ้ง) or Thai hot and sour prawn soup is one of my favorite dishes!  I think they adjusted it to the Pinoy's tongue that's why it is very subtle and not that spicy anymore. In Bangkok, Tom Yum Goong is very hot and spicy.
We capped our delicious Thai lunch with Raja Restaurant's heavenly Mango on sticky rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang). A very sweet treat you'll absolutely love.This traditional summer dessert uses glutinous rice and Mangoes that are in season during the summer months of April and May. This reminds me of suman sa ibus (rice cake wrapped in young palm leaves) and mango that we Filipinos love. Impression? I love Raja Restaurant's delicious mango and sticky rice dessert!

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Visit them at:

Raja Thai Cuisine Restaurant
Roof Top of Armada Hotel Manila

2108 M.H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila, Philippines
Operating Days: Monday to Saturday
Operating Hours: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Telephone No: (02) 526-0888
Bon appetit!