GANO: In pursuit of true excellence
It was in 2007 that GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc., the authorized exclusive distributor of Gano Excel products in the country, was established. Thus far, its objective of achieving true excellence—both in world-class products and unmatched service to its thousands of customers provided by the company’s leaders—is well on track.

The Chief Operating Officer of GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc., said that for the past 5 years, the company was relentless in pursuing excellence not just in the executive level and within the rank-and-file,but also distributors, leaders & product outlets.

“We believe that excellence is about meeting the standards of quality performance and continuously exceeding and surpassing them. There is no second-guessing here when it comes to our mantra of excellence, and the people of GanoiTouch Philippines know that,” explains COO Leo Esteves

In order to achieve true excellence, GanoiTouch Philippines provides continuous training at all levels, from the new recruits up to the leaders, and even conducts training for personnel of official product outlets. He said that the strategy is to make all GanoiTouch empowered and independent as well.

Esteves further notes that regular training will hopefully motivate the employees and the distributorsto work hard in order to succeed. “Regular feedback on their performance is also a must so we could monitor their success orassess and even assist them on key performance areas where they need improvement.”

The past 5 years for GanoiTouch has also been a true test of the company’s stability. It also helped that the parent company, Gano Excel, is a hallmark of stability, which contributed in portraying GanoiTouch’s stature in the Philippine market as a solid and stable organization that Filipinos can rely upon in building not only their financialgoals but also mental and physical health through its superior ganodermalucidum-based products.
Gano Excel, based in Malaysia, plants, manufactures, markets and distributes its wide range of products made ofganodermalucidum, a type of red mushroom touted to be better than ginseng, as its main component. At present, Gano Excel products are available in 65 countries, including the US, Canada and most parts of Europe and of course, the Philippines.

Despite its success during the past 5 years, Esteves claims that challenges for the business remain. The fact that the company operates its business under a “multi-level marketing or MLM” strategy, commonly known as “networking,” remains one of them. However, he is not a bit worried.

“GanoiTouch’s networking business is absolutely legitimate, fair and sustainable. We have never been complained about because we provide real and effective products that are proven around the world, and that’s a fact. In fact, I can see the company’s continued growth and become one of the top networking companies in the country,” he said.

He said that there is no other direction for the company but to grow. “Gano Excel is continuously expanding its plantation of ganoderma and upgrading its manufacturing facilities in order to manufacture more products and make them world class yet affordable.”

Among its most popular products among Filipinos are the PIOIR Coffee and Chocolate, the Tongkat Ali, Ganoderma and Excellium. He even hinted that Gano Excel is currently testing possible additions to its product lineup but declined to specify.

For the Philippines, Esteves also confirmed that sustainability plans are already in place, specifically in relation to company and brand visibility in other areas. “We have to make sure that we are actively present in all major areas in the country, yet we will make sure that our inventory will be able to meet consumers’ and distributors’ demands and expectations.”

Succeeding in the business is already in the horizon, according to Esteves, and counts on 3 factors—world-class quality products, a stable and successful global company that’s built to last and finally, a legitimate and fair business that’s sustainable for life.

And to honor their most exemplary performers that contributed to the success of the company during their 5th anniversary, GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc. is throwing a glitzy and glamorous bash entitled “In Pursuit of True ‘Excel-lence: Faster, Higher, Stronger.” This 5th year celebration of GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc. will be held this coming March 23, 2013, 1 p.m., at the Aliw Theater located at the CCP Complex, Vicente Sotto Street, Pasay City.

To make things even more exciting, a brand new Toyota Innova is up for grabs during the anniversary raffle.

“This grand anniversary celebration is our way of saluting the leaders of GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc. for helping develop excellence not only in mind, body and soul, but also in health and in wealth. Our goal to enrich people’s lives and provide hope and economic stability through better health as provided by our superior products and legitimate income opportunity will definitely remain for the years to come,” explains Esteves.

To know more about GanoiTouch Philippines, Inc. and how it can enrich your life, visit www.ganoitouch.comor call 706-3137/706-3152
McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits: Your Ticket to a Healthy New You
Not all biscuits are created equal.

Good news to all the health conscious people out there! McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits is finally here in the Philippines. I learned that McVities has oodles of experience and a great history of making biscuits. It is a delicious wheat biscuit made using a traditional recipe with Zero cholesterol and no trans fat. I couldn't believe that it still has the same great taste since it was made in 1892 according to their millions of clients worldwide. How about you? What's inside your biscuits?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The problem is that I am a very slow eater that sometimes I have to forego breakfast in order not to be late to my appointments. I usually grab some drinks and biscuits so I could have something to munch on in the car. You can call it great timing that McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits sent me biscuits for review last week. It saved my tummy big time.

My first impressions of the McVitie’s Digestive is that it is the same as my other favorite Biscuits only bigger. The packaging was basic. Almost similar to most other imported biscuits in the market today. The biscuits themselves look appetizing and they are huge. I later found out that McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits is loaded! Loaded with healthy nutritional contents.

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits are useful "gobbled in the car on the way to work" breakfast. My brother love to eat it too during snack time he keep them in the car's glovebox as an emergency snacks.

I really liked the taste of McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits. I got hooked to the chocolate flavored McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits. Yum yum! I really wanted more of their chocolate flavored biscuits!
McVitie's Original Digestive

They taste like a graham cracker and shortbread cookie combined. It is a great tasting cookie! The undisputed king of the large diameter biscuits, this is truly an iconic biscuit.

Found in two main varieties, SweetMeal and WholeMeal, the digestive biscuit sets a standard for the whole biscuit world. Its satisfying nature make the biscuit eater consider how many to have at a time 1,2 or maybe 3. It's versatile providing the base for many more elaborate biscuits, (see Chocolate Caramels), and even chocolate covered biscuit bars such as the Breakaway, or the base for Cheesecakes.

Verdict: This imported English Digestive biscuit has a great crumbly taste.  Perfect for dipping into your milo, coffee or tea. Your Kids will love them.

McVitie’s Digestives have always reigned supreme as the perfect partner for the great British cup of tea in their country of origin. Made from a blend of wheat flour and wholemeal, they have all the goodness of wheat and many people have discovered wonderful new uses for them such as a great base for a cheesecake!

McVitie’s Digestives contain no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat. And with its crumbly texture, original flavour and satisfying nature you’ll find yourself pleased very quickly!

McVitie’s Light Digestive

Dieter's favourite McVitie’s Light Digestive is made using the same recipe blending wheat and wholemeal flour into a fine digestive since 1892 - now with 30% less fat! Made with sunflower oil, each biscuit only contains 65 kcal which is fewer calories than are found in a banana.

Just like the McVitie’s Original Digestive, our Light Digestive contains no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat. And with only 65 kcal, you’ll struggle to find a reason not to have one more.

Verdict: Very delicious for a diet biscuit. People on a diet should really give this one a try! 
McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestive

This is my favorite! For the serious chocolate lovers, the best of both worlds have come together to provide you with a delicious wheat biscuit covered in a layer of milk chocolate. The crunch of the biscuit combined with the melting of the rich chocolate make this a perfect, if slightly more indulgent, treat.

First sold in the United Kingdom in 1925, today over 75 million packets of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives are eaten each year, an amazing 52 biscuits per second. Mind you, for those who already know the yummy taste of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives that figure comes as no surprise!

Contains no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat.

Verdict: It is very delicious that I almost finish half pack the first time I tried this delicious snack. The only problem is that it is a bit messy to be eaten inside the car because of its rich layer of chocolate. But I will definitely buy this and just use tissue and hand sanitizer to clean the mess. Ha ha ha!
McVitie's Wholewheat Digestive

Whilst you’re enjoying a biscuit may not seem like a good time to be thinking about your fibre intake but with McVitie’s Wholewheat Digestives it has become a great chance to up your healthy fibre intake. The Wholewheat Digestive is made with 69% wholemeal wheat flour making it rich in fibre - each biscuit contains a whole gram.

Wholewheat Digestives are made with sunflower oil and contain no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated fat. What a tasty way to help maintain your digestive system!

Verdict: Perfect for my Kuya, who love healthy foods.

Baked to perfection, these biscuits are made with the finest and wholesome ingredients.


McVitie's biscuits have been enjoyed by generations for over 100 years. 
The first ever digestive biscuit was created by a new young employee, Alexander Grant in 1892. The name Digestive was derived from its high content of baking soda as an aid to food digestion. Over one hundred years later the McVitie's Digestive remains a firm favourite and is the highest selling brand in the everyday biscuit segment.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid review and I base my review totally on my personal taste and preferences.

I will definitely buy McVitie's Digestive biscuits again! My kuya couldn't agree more that they are healthy alternative snacks. They even had the wholegrain symbol imprinted on the biscuit!Cool!