Pancit is my favorite merienda.  I think you can call it a phase in a person's life when you like to eat only one dish day after day. Yes, folks, there was a time, when I ate nothing but pandesal and pancit canton. 

McDonalds: Pinoys' Love Affair with the World Famous Fries
Crisp on the outside and tender in the inside – one can never say no to the perfectly cooked McDonald’s World Famous French Fries. Customers can’t help but feast on this yummy McDonald’s favorite every chance they get. Either have it with your favorite McFloat, enjoy it with any McDonald’s meals or as a snack on its own - this World Famous Fries has gained a special spot in the hearts and tummies of Filipinos.

Sourcing the best potatoes, the strict cooking and preparation process have made McDonald’s French Fries a favorite in several countries for many years making it world famous. Certainly, the naturally foodie Pinoys have made it their favorite as well and they can tell the distinct McDonald’s World Famous Fries apart from other French fries. Each batch produced and served in the Philippines comes only from the best quality potatoes from US suppliers-the Russet Burbank, Russet Rangers and Shepody varieties—cooked in zero trans-fat Palm Olein Oil for that golden perfection and prepared carefully to keep its nutritional value, McDonald’s has truly set the standards higher than any other quick service restaurant chain in producing top quality French Fries. And this is what makes the signature taste of McDonald’s French Fries, anywhere in the world. 

With the McDonald’s World Famous Fries available 24/7, Pinoys always find themselves wanting to satisfy their craving for that hot, fresh out of the kitchen and seasoned to perfection potato goodness any time of the day. Whether you have it with a meal, a snack to be shared with someone or even to be enjoyed alone, one can never go wrong with McDonald’s World Famous Fries.

So give in to that craving, head to the McDonald’s nearest you or have it delivered via 8-6236 or and help yourselves to a generous serving of McDonald’s World Famous Fries.

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