Yummy Foods to Bring Along with You During a Picnic  
Picnics are so much fun when spring time arrives, aren’t they? If you want your next picnic to be extra special and delicious it’s time to think about some special desserts to bring along! In fact, if you are planning a group picnic or are having a wedding, for example, packing the perfect treats will surely satisfy your guests. Or, if it’s just you who loves desserts and you want to treat yourself well, think about new desserts to try that will taste divine. Here are some desserts that you should most definitely consider taking with you and then devouring during your next picnic excursion.

Cupcakes in a Cupcake Container

Most people love having cupcakes as a dessert and they’re actually quite easy to pack them in your picnic baskets if you find the right containers for them. Since cupcakes became such a hot commodity in years past many companies ended up developing cupcake containers that keep the bottom part of the cupcake intact and also does not smear the frosting on top. If you’re able to find cupcake holders at a reasonable price you can buy enough for your entire family and enough for you to wash a reuse again and again for future picnics to come!

Mason Jar Dessert for Safe Keeping

Another great idea is to pack desserts in a mason jar, which is relatively easy to pack and will keep the dessert fresh and ready to eat. You can make a dessert that makes an upcoming holiday fun, for example, such as the 4th of July. For a patriotic dessert combine angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream for a patriotic dessert that will be both yummy and colorful!

Pink Lemonade Cookies

Cookies are always the perfect dessert to bring along during a picnic. Light weight and delicious, you won’t have to worry if they accidentally get a little smashed because they will get eaten right away. Since spring is just around the corner consider making pink lemonade cookies with sprinkles on top. They will taste delicious and will also fit into your picnic basket perfectly. Gather up your entire family and go on a picnic with delicious desserts – they will be begging you to do this again very soon!

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves going on a picnic while bringing a delicious dessert. 
WATAMI:Japanese Dinner with Friends

Last year, my friends and I dined at the 160-seater Watami located at at the second level of Veranda/Bayside, Mall of Asia. The then, newly opened restaurant  was the talk of the town because it offers delicious authentic Japanese cuisine from sushi, sashimi ramen, hot pots to meat and seafood dishes, crafted with utmost care using fresh ingredients.

Acknowledged as No. 1 in its category in Japan, where the concept started in 1984. Through the years, its phenomenal growth resulted in worldwide expansion and the opening of over 700 stores in different locations including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Shanghai, Singapore , Guangzhou, Malaysia and now the Philippines.

It keeps the traditional Japanese taste in its dishes. I really like the interiors that depict a modern Japanese lifestyle. Watami prides itself on the “Ishokuya” concept, which features a balance of three elements: 

  1. delicious food
  2. great ambience 
  3. good service 

Note: This is not a sponsored review. We paid for our meal.
THE BAG WITH A TASK:BagsGo Reusable Bags
Let’s face it: we’re all scared of losing the only planet we have. Slowly, we are becoming more eco-aware, and we’re doing whatever small thing we can to save the Earth. 
This is exactly what this new, revolutionary reusable bag is trying to do: HELP YOU HELP SAVE THE EARTH.

The bag with a task, that’s BagsGo. Created with lightweight RIPSTOP fabric used to make parachutes, tear and water resistant, completely washable and durable, and most importantly, 100% REUSABLE: BagsGo Reusable bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags, and can be used in various ways. And for every BagsGo sold, a percentage goes to a foundation that supports ethical stewardship of the environment. So not only are you helping to save the Earth, you are also funding an organization to continue doing the same.

So the next time you use one of BagsGo reusable bags, you become part of the mission. You are the person with a task, and you make it happen with your bag. Grab one now at the nearest Fully Booked outlet, Sesou Nature stores, or order online at zalora.com.

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