TANG GALING CLUB: Brings Out the Hero in Every Pinoy Kids
This year, we celebrated the 27th year anniversary of the EDSA Revolution that brings out the heroism in every Pinoy. Today, Tang is calling out to kids everywhere to make a difference in the lives of others and to contribute in their own ways to making the Philippines the best it can be. This advocacy from Tang was launched at the Mind Museum with young talent Arkin Magalona hosting the celebration of “ kiddies heroes “ headlined by the 2012 “ Tang Galing Mo Kid” Awardee. 
The seven kid heroes were cited for their efforts in making the world a better place for their communities despite challenging circumstances. 
The Tang Galing Mo Kid is being supported by the launch of Tang’s ritual “Handa-Inom-Gawa” which refreshes the hero in each and every kid, and encourage them to do good for their communities. Tang is a product of Kraft of Foods Philippines (KFP), part of the Mondelez International family of Companies.

Tang presented to media friends, seven kids who in one way or another help their communities, environment and other kids as well. These kids were hand picked from hundreds of nominations. The number of nominees only proves that there are more kids out there with a mind and hearth for others. In no paticular order: U Maalam Wisely, Trubador Wisely, Dannah Suaze, Raynold de la Cruz, Kesz Valdez with Arkin Magalona 
Tang Category Marketing Manager Alex Dan Tacderas "The Tang Galing Club is certainly comitted to provide such opportunities to bring out and celebrate the heroes in our kids"
Facilitating this call to empower kids is an online site, www.TangGalingclub.com and a partner Facebook site- www.facebook.com/TangGalingMoKid.

CAFFE' BENE: Taste the Bene Difference
Caffé Bene (카페베네), Korea's leading Caffe brand, is now here in Manila! I would like to thank Kris Lim for inviting me to Caffé Bene's Bloggers Night held at Book Cafe', Caffé Bene, Eastwood Citywalk 2 tonight (February 26, 2013). I got to taste the difference and experience the goodness and walk into the lavish Bene space of Freedom. If you ever watch Korean soap operas then you already know how Caffé Bene looks like- wooden bookshelves, proprietary wooden seats - those are Caffé Bene trademarks that are standard in all its shops. They're a lovely touch to the cafe, making the place feel more cozy, more inviting and more intimate. Koreanovela fanatics like me might also recognize the café from the kilig-inducing “crème kiss” scene in the romance/drama “Secret Garden” where the male lead kisses the cappuccino foam off his lady love’s lip. 
Desmond Chua, president of Citicup Corp. which is the franchisee of Caffé Bene in the Philippines, taught the bloggers the art of cupping. Yes, folks. We got the chance to try coffee "cupping" or tasting. Cupping is the procedure used to evaluate the aroma and taste of a sample of coffee beans. The coffee is judged on the following: 1) fragrance; 2) aroma; 3) taste; and 4) aftertaste. 

We were told that Caffé Bene offers barista course consisting of five days of intensive training in the art of coffee brewing and pastry making, Caffé Bene style, for which you'll be given a certificate. One can also have options for “further studies.”

On each table, we were provided with a kettle and then asked to boil water. Afterwards, we were asked to pour water up to the rim on each cup that contains different coffee beans. In the picture above, the lightest one is Caffé Bene's while the other two are from the two top cafe in the Philippines today. Then we were told to cut, then remove the foam, then slurp, swirl and spit each coffee very much like wine tasting. Whew. That was my first taste of Caffé Bene signature medium-roast coffee which is less bitter than other brands.  I love the less bitter taste of Caffé Bene's Coffee. It makes a whole lot of difference and provides light acidity in the tummy.

Note : On February 27, 2013, miracle of all miracles, I was able to have a good night of sleep even if I drank Caffé Bene's coffee last night. That is so cool. In the past, I used to be awake until the wee hours of the morning whenever I had coffee the night before. From its Specialty Caffé are freshly-made Waffle, Italian Gelato and so much more. Everything at Caffé Bene is a must-try! Caffé Bene truly has a variety that can soothe and pamper your taste buds. 
Caffé Bene has a great selection of coffee/tea and treats such as waffles and honey bread. I particularly like its fantastic Garlic and Cheese Bread. So yummy! Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. Hmmm, I want more, ha ha ha!  The Caffé Bene's Caramel Banana Cream Waffle (please see topmost picture) is also a must-try! One can taste the fresh Banana goodness. Ma pa pa Ahh ka sa sarap!!! And don't you dare leave Caffé Bene without trying its incredible, dense and crispy Belgian-style blueberry liege waffles. For me, they are unbelievably delicious!
For dessert, we were served with a huge mouth-watering Strawberry Bingsu ( Iced Parfait). Very delicious indeed!
Caffé Bene's European-style interior is in warm earth tones with wooden furniture and soft yellow lighting. Bookshelves that are strategically placed inside the Caffé enhance the homey feel. It makes you feel like you’re just hanging out in a friend’s place. I learned from one of the owners, Derrick Chua, that Caffé Bene’s flagship store in Eastwood just opened last Nov. 29, 2012, while a compact Caffé Bene in SMX officially opened January of this year.
Opening of a Caffé Bene's branch in Makati CBD (Central Business District) is in the works. Its future plans include opening four (4) more stores for 2013. It is currently coordinating with FRANCORP to open Caffé Bene for local franchise.
The place has a charm of its own. The interior is decorated very nicely. . . Nice seats, decorations, exposed brick walls and a library of books Belle would be jealous of. Oh, Caffé Bene has free Wi-Fi, too. 

Caffé Bene's cozy atmosphere actually invites you to relax and stay awhile rather than hurry up and leave. A very ideal place for study sessions and business meetings indeed.
Korea, coffee and great conversations make me look forward to keep on coming back to Caffé Bene.