MR. UBE RICE AND NOODLE HOUSE:Authentic Chinese Meals
Yummy yum yum! We had another yummy food adventure and this one has an authentic Chinese flavor. 

This hole in the wall restaurant, aptly called Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House,  deserves some attention because it offers not only delicious noodles but also authentic Chinese Dishes.

Mr. Ube is a noodle house that offers traditional Chinese food such as siomai, siopao, pork asado and noodles. So I was not expecting much aside from the usual dimsum but to my surprise it also offers various rice toppings and more. 

The staff recommended a chicken dish called Herb Chicken. The Herb Chicken is cooked in Asado Cantonese style. Because every bits and pieces of this chicken dish is so delicious you won't have time for a chit-chat because the moment you bite on this dish, you'll be busy munching this yummy dish. ( Yeah, I admit, I actually forgot the name of my order and I almost name this after myself. ha ha ha!) What kind of food blogger actually forgets the name of the dish? One who appreciates good food. One who doesn't blog but one who shares his passion to the world.

I think it is good to know that Mr. Ube doesn't use MSG and has no chemical added on their food.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab some authentic meal at Mr. Ube, now na! 

Mr. Ube Rice and Noodle House
707 Imperial Sky Garden, Ongpin St., Binondo
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 241-9999
ENG BEE TIN: Ube Tikoy Lite
Diabetic? Watching your weight? Worry no more! You can now have your tikoy and eat it too!

Yes, Eng Bee Tin now offers your all time favorite ube hopia in sugar free version aptly called Ube Hopia lite which is especially catered for diabetics and those who want to maintain a healthy weight.

Tikoy is every Chinese family's Chinese New Year food so this particular sugar-less product is a piece of good news not only to Tsinoy but also to diabetic and weight-conscious Pinoys.
ENG BEE TIN: Tea-koy Delight
Chinese New Year is fast approaching. So we paid Binondo a visit and guess what we have found? My favorite brand of Hopia- Eng Bee Tin now offers tikoy in milk tea flavor! Unbelievable but true! I was only going to grab some Ube hopia which I love so much and couldn't believe my luck when I found out that Eng Bee Tin now offers "TEA-KOY"! They come in my favorite flavors too:
  • Jasmin Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Red Tea 
  • Milk Tea
And they come in a 4-1 TIKOY Ube colored box which is a very ideal gift in every occasion be it New Year, birthday or simply as pasalubong to your loved ones. 
Eng Bee Tin's delicious tikoy cakes packed in fours for large gatherings of family and friends. I bet, like my brother and I, you’ll also enjoy sharing these sticky sweet melt-in-your-mouth oriental delicacies.

Not only does Eng Bee Tin continually evolve they are also committed in expanding their horizons just so they can meet customer's needs and taste. I won't wonder anymore if one day they also offer Chocolate Tikoy with Oreo in the future. Now that's another story.

For now let me greet all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!


For every Eng Bee Tin products you buy, or when you dine in at Mr. Ube, Chuan Kee, Cafe Mezzanine you also help their foundation TXTFIRE. A non-profit organization that helps disseminate fire alerts, alarms, and information thru an SMS Dispatcher Server. If you are interested to become a volunteer, please visit their page
Max’s Chicken Takeout with free Tropicana Coco Quench

Oh, la la! Guess what Max’s Chicken has to offer? Max’s Chicken offers you a takeout treat you cannot resist. 

For only P329, grab a whole Max’s Fried Chicken for takeout and get a free 1 Liter of Tropicana Coco Quench. That’s more than P100 in savings for both your Sarap to the Bones fried chicken and a delicious pack of coconut water from Tropicana. Enjoy this special takeout offer, visit any Max’s Restaurant nationwide. 

Promo runs from January 19 through March 31, 2013.