Going organic is going back to the basics,  just the way God intended it to be. Healthy Options is taking the lead towards this direction to keep things pure, simple and healthy.

‘Good food grown the good way’ hits Healthy Options stores this 2013, as the leading natural products brand will now offer organic vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken, and eggs sourced from local farmers.

“By launching these products from our very own farm, we renew our commitment to giving our customers better choices for a better life. It is also a show of support to small organic farmers, and to healthy, humane, and sustainable farming.” says Healthy Options managing director Romy Sia.

Nestled at the foot of the scenic Mt. Banahaw and near the two-storey high Majayjay Falls, the five-hectare organic farmis a promising local source of nutritious, flavorful, and top-quality products the store has been known for.

“Our shelves will carry organic vegetables and herbs that are planted and harvested by hand. Nurtured only by sunlight, pure spring water, and organic compost, these fresh, tasty produce contain optimum nutrients,” he adds.

Healthy Options also showcases livestock-raising in an environment that cultivates their natural behavior and provides a better quality of life.As Mr. Sia proudly claims, “Our animals live in five-star conditions!” Their free range chickens can run around and forage for food, and are fed with wholesome grains, organic vegetable trimmings, and wild bugs and insects. Meanwhile, the pigs eat an all-natural diet of rice bran, duck weed, copra meal, fruits, and vegetables, and are raised in odor-free pens, with soft beddings made of soil, sawdust and carbonized rice hull. The stress-free environment allows natural instincts like foraging and scratching.

These practices greatly differ from those of industrial farms, which commonly use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on crops, and steroids, growth hormones, sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics, and synthetic trace supplements on animals.

Aside from offering superior meat and vegetable produce, Healthy Options is also proud to advocate farming that does not produce excessive waste or pollution, and results in a healthier ecosystem. 
PR Text and Images provided by Healthy Options.