It's a good thing that JELLY G now offers the delicious Thai Milk Tea in the country. Jelly G is the only drink brand in the market that serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended THAI milk tea.
One of my favorite things about vacationing in Thailand is their food. Thai food is known as one of the most distinct and delicious food in the world. Every single meal we had in Thailand is a culinary delight, including the cool and refreshing Thai Milk Tea drink. Flying to Thailand just to eat those delicious food is quite expensive and not practical.

It's a good thing that JELLY G now offers the delicious Thai Milk Tea in the country. Jelly G is the only drink brand in the market that serves authentic, creamy and perfectly blended THAI milk tea.

Thai Milk flavored Tea or “chai yen.” Though it is supposed to be “cha yen,” or cold tea, the Thais will understand you better if you pronounce it as “chai yen.” Cha yen or Thai Milk Tea is a bright orange drink made from a strong black tea and sweet condensed milk. Cha yen is extremely sweet. On the street of Bangkok, you'll find a lot of stall selling this cool drink and just before they hand to you your plastic cup or plastic bag to you, the vendor pours evaporated milk or coconut milk over the top of the drink.You need to mix it with your straw before you drink it or else you’ll get mostly the strong black tea. It’s much like a dessert in a glass.
Now, you and I can enjoy an authentic Thai Milk Tea right here in Metro Manila. No need for you to fly to Thailand. 
Soon to be served at Jelly G is the Cheesy Mango flavor.
My favorite- the black forest Thai Milk Tea. 
Coffee Mint is my next favorite.  Jelly G also offers Fruit flavored Tea. 

If you don't like milk in your tea then you can try Honey Dew Fruit Slush, which is also very delicious. Enjoy! Thank you for reading my post. Thank you in Thai is Khob khun krab (male), ขอบคุณครับ , Khob khun ka (female), ขอบคุณค่ะ. Thais pronounce it as Kap kun krab/ kap kun ka.
Jelly•G Thai Milk Tea in 500 Shaw Zentrum.
Sawadee krup (males) Sawadee ka (females) to Jelly•G Thai Milk Tea in 500 Shaw Zentrum.
Upon entering Jelly G you'll be immersed in a warm relaxed atmosphere. To your right, the wall are painted in a bright sunkist orange color and I bet you'll love the green stripes to your left, where you'll find various Thai candies and goodies for sale at Jelly G.
We love the Thai Tamarind so much that we always buy around 15 kilos of Tamarind  to bring home from Thailand before. We're happy to find out that we can now satisfy our Tamarind thirst right here, right now at Jelly G. Woooot!

I must admit that my sister and I were addicted to these Thai iced teas and Thai food, that's why we keep going back to Thailand. It is a good thing that we can now find our favorite Thai food in Thai restaurants here in Metro Manila because we can now indulge any time.

Come and enjoy Jelly G at Shaw Boulevard.
Jelly G Thai Milk Tea: Toast Perfection

Jelly G Thai Milk Tea at the ground floor of 500 Shaw Zentrum offers not only milk tea but also thick bread toasts. Their bread toasts are perfect combo with their Thai Milk Tea. I tell you my dear readers, you ought to try Jelly G's freshly baked bread toasts. Their bread toasts are more than toast! It's also a great 'munchie' for any occasion whether you need a quick lunch on the go or a mid-afternoon snack with friends.

Number one on my list is Jelly G's Tuna Flirt top with chili! This is a winner! We're from Bicol so my sister and I love chili flavored food. The tuna is so yummy and it goes well with the freshly baked bread of Jelly G.

Followed by Basil Blush. I love Basil.  I do appreciate any food with basil be it chicken or sandwiches.

Choco Ecstacy
Pandan Delight.  

Jelly G baked their own bread toast. They specially formulated their bread toast made from a proprietary recipe. They use all natural fragrant pandan. No preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial flavouring are added, and only the best ingredients are used.
All four kinds of toasts that they offered to us taste incredibly good.  They also have other Bread Toast variants which I have not tried yet but you can try anytime, such as:
  • Cheese Floozy
  • Pork Floss
  • Caramel Dream 
  • Vanilla Classic.
JellyG branches:

    Food Choices, Glorietta 4
    3rd Level Activity Center Market!Market!
    Food Choices, Alabang Town Center Activity Center
    MarQuee Mall Ground Level
    Robinsons Metroeast 3rd Levell
    SM Marikina 2nd Level, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
     3rd Level, Festival Super Mall