GRUB!: Oozing with Food Appeal
Pig Candy Melt (Php129.00) is made up of crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese amazingly tucked inside a New England-style split-top bun exclusively baked for Grub! restaurant.
It is so yummy! Sinful bacon goodness inside a soft bun. #yummy
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat. The staff and manager were doing a taste test the afternoon of my visit and they gave me a small portion of this yummy burger, I decided to try it with hot sauce. The result is mind blowing, I super love it! I think Grub's secret comes from its freshly made hot sauce which the chef made fresh on a daily basis.
Beef of Burden with Rice (Php 139) is number 1 on my list. Very delicious! US beef goodness at a very affordable price!
Grub's beef came from the US.  Super sulit! Quality yet affordable beef. It doesn't scrimp on quality because it wanted repeat customers. Great value for your money indeed!
For non-rice eaters like my cousin July, one could opt for beef of burden sandwich.
I love Grub's Wicked Potato Chips (Php129.00) which is packed to retain its crispy goodness. Proudly Pinoy made! Yum!
This one is a hands-down winner.  It has really tasty ingredients. You could tell the difference from other commercially available chicken wings!

Grub's Fricken Chicken Wings (Php 169 for 5 pieces)
Home-brewed iced tea. It is served in Mason Jar (Garapon)
Iced Tea Tank serves up to 4 people. Well, I so love the iced teas that I could finish one tank by myself, ha ha ha!
Grub's door also has this quotation: "If you leave here hungry, it's your fault!"

From the restaurant designs, great food and friendly staff, I can't wait for my next visit to Grub!

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XIN TIAN DI: Dimsum Buffet Feast In Manila
People, it is best not to eat prior to this meal. It is very important to wear loose, comfortable clothing since you will be stuffed full.
Oh, the peanuts are so darn good that you'll wish to eat all of them in an instant.
The restaurant boasts of a tapestry that is splendidly Chinese with classy interiors and elegant hanging decors.
The way to order is for you to put the following:
  • Check marks on the small boxes opposite your orders on the sheet containing the menu.
  • Kindly Indicate the number of pieces per item because if you don't, the kitchen staff will cook just one piece per item for you
Yes, sir/ ma'am, unlike in an a la carte where one order of dimsum per serving basis usually contains 3-4 pieces. Xin Tian Di Dimsum Unlimited buffet requires you to indicate the particular number of pieces you'd like to eat per item. Fair enough, I guess.

Ordering tips:
  • Order in advance. 
  • Let your server know if you want all your orders served at once or on staggered basis.
  • During busy days, they might get behind so beat that and come and order early.
For Php888 at 25% off, Dimsum Unlimited, I think is worth it. Please note that the dimsum buffet doesn't include a drink, so you could opt to order a pot of hot tea for Php176.  
The service is terrific. We got a bunch of dimsum and tasted random dumplings here and there. All of the dimsums are freshly prepared. With different kinds of food we ordered, I find it hard to write about them individually. We purposely stayed away from the noodles and congee because we’ll be too full as these are hearty dishes. In general, everything tasted delicious. 
Presenting Xin Tian Di super delicious Dim Sum, Dumplings, Congee, Noodles and Dessert Selection – all 60 of them (joke only!). They have 60 selections but we ordered only a few! We certainly don't want to have a food coma.
Yummy Yang chow!
Xin Tian Di's Steamed Xiao Long Bao 

Whether you are Chinese or not, Steamed Xiao Long Bao is a type of delicacy any nationality will simply appreciate a basket of simple soup dumplings that originated from Shanghai. That's why if you are up to taste the best Xiao Long Bao, head to its origins in Shanghai. I could still imagine the taste of the xiao long bao I ate at Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai! Hays!

But you can also satisfy your cravings right here in Manila, Xin Tian Di offers competitive Xiao Long Bao. It may sound expensive to dine in here for Xiao Long Bao but I'm telling you it's worth trying. Their buffet allows you to try 60 dim sums of your choice, not only Xiao Long Bao.

Pan-fried Xiao Long Bao

I was surprised that the Chef of Xin Tian Di innovated and added a modern twist to the classic dumpling Xiao Long Bao by introducing Pan-fried Xiao Long Bao. It is basically a crispy layer outside covering the soft original Xiao Long Bao.

We were extremely satisfied. 

Xin Tian Di’s Chinese Executive Chef, Sam Lee, created unique dim sum choices that can only be found in Xin Tian Di like Chili Dumpling, Bird’s Eye Dumpling, and Stone Fish Dumpling. 

Chef Sam also recently introduced new dim sum varieties worth trying such as Pan Fried Chili Dumpling, Teo Chon Fan Kok, Pan Fried Xiao Long Pao, Fried Hakaw, Ampalaya Buchi, Barbecue Pork with Apple Asado, and Kuchay Dumpling.
Fried Hakao (unanimous favorite by everyone)
Birds Eye Dumpling (tasted quite similar to hakao)
Taro Puff (my brother's favorite)
Seafood Dumpling in Superior Stock (only my brother had this and he said it was delicious)

Pan-fried xiao long bao
Sesame Buchi (fresh and hot!)
Coffee Pudding (loved this! perfect ending to the meal, order a lot of them)

We were insanely stuffed. We ate until we could not breathe (almost!). It was ridiculous. We had endless servings of our favorite dim sum such as Xiao Long Pao (soup dumpling), Ha Kao (steamed crystal prawns) and Sesame Buchi.

We had Tea afterwards. It is supposed to cleanse your system of the grease. I don’t know if it is true though. Ha ha ha! Xin Tian Di house tea would cost you P160 bucks plus 10% service charge for a pot and yes, it is not included in the buffet price.

Is it worth it? If you’re coming here just to order endless siomai and wanton noodles, you might not find that it’s worth your buck. Full price is around P1,088++ However, consider this place as a tasting opportunity for different types of dimsum. It was a chance to try dumplings and dishes that we always see on menus but never order. As a bonus, we also generously ordered our favorites. For that alone, for us, it was worth it. We’d highly recommend it. We had such a great time 

Here are some of our favorites:

Chicken Feet in XO sauce


Dim sum Unlimited menu includes a variety of desserts to choose from. Such as Sesame Buchi or Steamed Buns with red or yellow bean paste, or be adventurous and go for the more delectable variations such as the Chocolate Mantao, Coffee Pudding and Sweet Egg CustardSo, we ended our heavenly lunch of Chinese treats with the following:
Ampalaya Buchi
Yummy Bochi, yum!

Yum Cha Dim Sum buffet is available for breakfast - from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning. It's only worth Php588+ for more than 36 varieties of Dim Sum. #Sulit na #delicious pa! #xiantiandi

Xin Tian Di's Dim Sum lunch buffet for more than 50 dimsum between 11:30 to 2:30 p.m. is offered everyday for only Php688 per person. This is until August 31, 2013. This promo is such a steal! Go avail of this promo guys!

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Xin Tian Di Chinese Restaurant
4th floor, Crowne Plaza Hotel
Next to Robinson’s Galleria,
Corner Ortigas and ADB Avenue
Tel# (02) 395-2635

YOSHINOYA: Re-opened in Robinsons Galeria
Rejoice fellow foodie in Quezon City, Mandaluyong and Pasig! Yoshinoya brings back Japan’s Famous Beef Bowl to Robinsons Galleria! It held its grand comeback last August 12, 2013 at the Level 1 East Wing Robinsons Galeria Ortigas.
Yoshinoya was born in 1899 under the ingenuity of its founder, a Japanese, named Eikichi Matsuda.

Its story begins at Nihonbashi, a humble fish market in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, on the outskirts of Edo Castle where Mr. Matsuda created a delicious recipe of beef and rice known as Gyudon (beef bowl). Named for his birthplace of Yoshino-Cho, Osaka, Mr. Matsuda’s restaurant featured delicious, affordable and fast meals. It was an entirely new concept in Japanese culture, and both the hard-working fisherman and market visitors embraced it. From the beginning, Yoshinoya was an instant hit. In 1923, Japan was hit by the Great Kanto Earthquake and Yoshinoya had to move to Tsukiji with the rest of the fish market and throngs of hungry patrons continued to enjoy Yoshinoya’s original gyūdon, or Beef Bowl. 

In 1946, Mizuho Matsuda, son of Eikichi Matsuda, turned the business into a 24-hour restaurant and rapidly gained wide spread popularity in Japan. In 1958, it became a corporate company operating on a chain store system.Yoshinoya boasts of more than 100 years of tradition. Yoshinoya has grown to be one of the most important brands in Japan and boasts of more than 1,000 outlets, making it one of the biggest fast-food chains in Japan. To date, there are more than 1200 outlets around the world, namely Japan, USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.
Nihonbashi Fish Market 1899Century Pacific Group under its retail arm, Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc., entered into Franchise Agreement with Yoshinoya International Co., Ltd in 2001 and started its first store operation in December 2001. Currently, there are six(6) stores in Metro Manila: 
To further strengthen its presence in the Quick Service Arena, Yoshinoya Century Pacific, Inc. forged partnership with Ihanat Foods Corporation led by its President/ General Manager, Mr. Timothy James G. Yang. 

Yoshinoya is home to delicious modern Japanese comfort food, from fresh salads to delectable seafood, noodles and great selections of entrées on Japanese rice bowls. Since 2001, the Company with the vision to be the most preferred Japanese restaurant in the country has offered high quality food at affordable prices with exceptional friendly service to its patrons. From our vast array of delicious entree selections, 

The company prefers to present to its customers only the freshest salad ingredients and its sumptuous desserts has only the highest quality products.

Over the years Yoshinoya’s menu changed to reflect today’s consumer except for the Beef Bowl
(Gyudon) which is Yoshinoya’s specialty. It is the same product profile where Yoshinoya operates in other parts of the world. The core product is prepared using premium beef with the special beef stock over steaming bowl of white rice. 

With Yoshinoya’s persistence in satisfying customers in providing sumptuous authentic Japanese dishes,
Yoshinoya new product offering includes: Maki Variants, Yoshi Chicken, Kani Salad and Yasai Itame.

Watch out for more Upcoming Products.