URBAN KITCHEN: Stylish and Practical Everyday Home Solutions

URBAN KITCHEN: Stylish and Practical Everyday Home Solutions
We've all been there: you're partying at a friend's home, having a glass of wine, and then it happens — you break the glass. If you are the guest do you replace or do you not replace? If you are the host, of course you could not ask your guest to replace your pretty fancy expensive crystal wine glasses collections. Lame isn't it?
Fret no more! Urban Kitchen now offers not only everyday home solutions but also party solutions! You could now party all you want without worrying that your guests would break any of your expensive wine glasses! 
I learned all these when I attended the media launch party “Chill in the City”by Urban Kitchen last week, July 18, 2013 at McKinley Hill Village Clubhouse.
Sexy and sassy Sam Oh hosted the event. Urban Kitchen took center stage as it showcased its latest line of kitchen and tableware products for the modern home.
I was dumbfounded. I never thought that plastics could ever imitate the quality of real glasses! This is so unbelievable! Urban Kitchen's wine glasses are lightweight, durable and graceful.
Science meets sophistication, and the result is Urban Kitchen stylish and practical everyday home solutions. 
Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, an internationally trained chef, newspaper and magazine columnist and managing director of GalaStars Culinary School all rolled into one and his mom celebrity Chef Sylvia Reynoso-Gala, was also present during the event. 
Chef Ernest Reynoso-GalaChef Ernest who endorses Urban Kitchen’s products whipped up a healthy homemade salad, he called, “Green Goddess.” He used Urban Kitchen collections such as salad bowls, spatulas and condiment set during the demo. The colorful spatulas are truly an eye candy.They are so cute! You bet, it can give instant accent to your kitchen.
Chef Ernest personally uses Urban Kitchen chic solution collections at home and in his culinary school.
Urban Kitchen by Max Ideas are trendy, practical, genuine and innovative according to the lovely Ms. Charmaine Chua, General Manager of Max.Ideas Marketing Corporation, makers of Urban Kitchen.
“We thought of a relaxed and casual environment in launching our products because it reflects our vision of today’s modern home. Despite the rigorous and fast-paced lifestyle of people, they can still find time to relax and entertain their guests in the best way possible through delectable food and beverage preparations served the Urban Kitchen way,”Ms. Chriselda Chua, Marketing Manager explains.
Urban Kitchen Solutions for every home and every party! Cheers! You could now toast with confidence!
The quality and sturdy crystal looking plastic pitcher sets, tumblers, bowls, and canisters from Urban Kitchen. These stylish modern and classic designs are suitable for everyday use. 
Urban Kitchen has everything covered! From beverage dispensers, pitchers, salad bowls to wine glasses.
Your party does not need to look boring! Urban Kitchen products are classy and stylishly chic plus it is very practical. 
Urban Kitchen products can provide “easy living” and “easy entertaining” solutions in every home for every occasion.
Urban Kitchen products is the practical homemaker's choice for the modern home with busy lifestyles.
Urban Kitchen’s products are made from unbreakable material. So you don't need to worry now just in case your little kiddo reach out for the cookie jar.
Urban Kitchen is a leading brand of tableware products available in all leading department stores for today’s modern households and corporate and food service clients.Urban Kitchen is part of a complete offering of food service products and promotional items by Max.Ideas Marketing, which also distributes other excellent brands such as Rosseto, Tablecraft, Thermo Future Box, Loveramics and more.

When everything you've tried has failed and you're resorting to your emergency plan try Urban Kitchen Solutions. Let's Toast to that!

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