RICE POTS: Fried Rice Haven

RICE POTS: Fried Rice Haven
Filipinos love rice! After all, it is our staple food. We eat rice in all our meals. A lot of us can't forego eating rice during breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner and to some, even midnight snacks. 

This stall was created by two
 foodies, Peter Garcia and Joy Kim. Peter and Joy were classmates in UP Hotel and Restaurant Administration and have common interests as well. “We love dining out, we love food, and we love to cook.” According to Peter, “Joy is the innovator. She’s a very good cook. She’s more into cooking and more creative.”

They created Rice Pots, which offers Asian-inspired freshly cooked fried rice, because of their want for something different. Peter shares, “Filipinos love rice. Why not make different kinds of Asian fried rice?” Thus, Rice Pots was born in 2011.

Its first branch is a full-blown restaurant located in the southern part of the metro. After six months into the business, they decided to join the Mercato group. Rice Pots is the pioneer in real fried rice. It is not one of those instant ones that are just flavored with seasonings.

Their Adobo Fried Rice involves cooking the actual adobo viand and incorporating it with the rice. It’s like a meal in itself. Since Filipinos love rice toppings the duo decided to offer add-ons like small dimsum, Hainanese chicken, and their bestseller- lechon macau that is pugon-roasted, woody and smoked for only Php129.00  I so love their lechon macau! Yum yum! It is one of the best tasting lechon macau I ever tasted.
Rice Pots offers a number of rice variants inspired by the different regions of Asia.  Its specialties are the Adobo Fried Rice, BBQ Fried Rice, and Yang Chow Fried Rice. Each serving is good for approximately two to three persons for a very reasonable price of only Php75.00. I super like the Adobo Fried Rice. It has bits and pieces of pork adobo and lots of garlic. It is very delicious!
It comes as no surprise that from time to time, the duo comes up with different inventions. “Since everyone is into Korean, we will be having our own take on omu rice (omelet rice) with a twist.” Instead of the egg being incorporated in the fried rice, the rice will be wrapped in the egg. Cool! I'll wait for that version!
Telephone number: +(632) 478-2208
Mobile number: (+63 917) 844-4844
Facebook: Rice Pots
Twitter: @RicePots

Available at Cucina Andare

Address: Glorietta 3 Park, Makati (in front of Makati Shangri-La)
Mobile number: (+63 917) 840-1152
Email: admin@cucinaandare.com

Operating hours: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4pm-3am

Address: G1 Center, 98 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes ParaƱaque, ParaƱaque City
Telefax: +(632) 478-2208


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