CUISINIERS: Grilling And Roasting At Cucina Andare

CUISINIERS: Grilling And Roasting At Cucina Andare
Nothing beats your "gutom" (hunger) on a rainy Friday night than an "oh, smokin' hot barbecue!" 

I was invited to a food feast at Cucina Andare tonight, Friday, June 7, 2013. One of the food stalls that caught my attention is Cuisiniers. Cuisinier (kwē-zē-nyā') is a French word that means male cook or chef. A female cook is 'cuisinière' (kwē-zē-nyer'). Cuisiniers is the ABS-CBN's FOOD MAGAZINE 2012 winner of the first ever BBQ Cook-Off, Pork Skewer Category! 

In Wikipedia, cook-off is described as "a cooking competition where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges or by the general public. Cook-offs are very popular among competitors (such as restaurants) with very similar dishes and serves as a way to decide which recipe is the best for that particular dish." 

For its bestselling pork barbecue, Cuisiniers uses pork loin, a premium cut that is very soft and tender. The meat is marinated for a couple of days for it to absorb all the flavors. The serving size for each stick is humongous.  Sold at only Php35.00 per stick! It even has a promo: if you buy 2 sticks, you get a free rice! Or if you don't want rice, you can save Php5 simply by buying three sticks at Php100. Cool eh? It’s enough to satisfy your "gutom". So next time, don't be "gutom" (hungry).
Another must-try is the chicken barbecue, which is tender, juicy, and grilled to perfection! It serves the best chicken BBQ! (At least for us!) It is one of the best tasting chicken barbecues I ever had and I believe all the foodies with me tonight would agree to that. Not only that, Anton, the author of the blog "Our awesome Planet" cited Cuisiniers as having the Best Barbecue Pork Skewers in the Metro today on his post. 

You would love for sure the "oh so tender and juicy and full of flavor roast beef!!!" It was slowly cooked for more than eight hours. 

Cuisiniers also offers the following:
  • Slow Roast Beef
  • Slow Roast Porkloin
  • Pork Barbecue
  • Grilled Liempo 
  • Boneless Chicken Barbecue.
Overall, my ultimate favorite is the chicken barbecue!
The owner comes from a family who is really fond of food, particularly barbecues and roasts. The very friendly and beautiful representative of the owner shared with us that Cuisiniers has been in the food scene ever since it opened a restaurant in the Makati Central Business District area way back in 2010. It serves various dishes and even baked goods there, but in Cucina Andare it focuses on its barbecues and roasted chicken. The owner eventually likes to open a stand-alone ihaw-ihaw (barbecue grill) place where it can serve more customers and keep on grilling.
It is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at CUCINA ANDARE from 4pm to 3am of the following day at Glorietta 3 open park.


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  5. Thank you for such detailed & complete article of our biz...not to mention the great pics you took! thank you & more power to you! - Andrea Dela Cruz of Cuisiniers