Jelly•G Thai Milk Tea in 500 Shaw Zentrum

Jelly•G Thai Milk Tea in 500 Shaw Zentrum.
Sawadee krup (males) Sawadee ka (females) to Jelly•G Thai Milk Tea in 500 Shaw Zentrum.
Upon entering Jelly G you'll be immersed in a warm relaxed atmosphere. To your right, the wall are painted in a bright sunkist orange color and I bet you'll love the green stripes to your left, where you'll find various Thai candies and goodies for sale at Jelly G.
We love the Thai Tamarind so much that we always buy around 15 kilos of Tamarind  to bring home from Thailand before. We're happy to find out that we can now satisfy our Tamarind thirst right here, right now at Jelly G. Woooot!

I must admit that my sister and I were addicted to these Thai iced teas and Thai food, that's why we keep going back to Thailand. It is a good thing that we can now find our favorite Thai food in Thai restaurants here in Metro Manila because we can now indulge any time.

Come and enjoy Jelly G at Shaw Boulevard.


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