CCA PODIUM: Roasted Chicken Food Styling
I was one of the lucky few who had a chance to dabble into food styling at the CCA Market Cafe' at the 5th level of The Podium. From them we learned how to Roast a Chicken for a Photo Shoot or TV Commercial.
Chef Eugene Raymundo busy preparing the chicken for the shoot.
Since, there will be no "ihawan" at the studio. You need to be innovative if the Commercial needs a Roasted Duck or Chicken.  

Chef Eugene Tips: 
  1. Open the legs of the chicken.
  2. Put a Potato inside the chicken so it would appear voluptuous.
Chef Eugene used a torch, soy sauce to attain the "COOK" look of the Roasted Chicken.
 Voila, a roasted chicken after 15 minutes!
To those who are passionate about cooking. If you want to learn food styling give CCA a call! Enjoy!