THE SANDWICH GUY: Hexagon-shaped sandwich

THE SANDWICH GUY: Fresh, Healthy and Delicious 
Yummy yum yum! This is one of the freshest, healthiest and delicious sandwiches I ever tasted. Well, you have to taste it to believe it. Guys and gals, if you are wondering what the heck is the name of the store that sells the hexagon sandwich, then, wonder no more. It is the hexagon shape kiosk that they call "The Sandwich Guy".
We first noticed their store when we were looking for another establishment in the area. Since we were famished, we gave The Sandwich Guy a try.
I learned from the staff, that The Sandwich Guy is a quick-service kiosk dedicated in serving fresh and healthy sandwiches. They are a fast-growing company dedicated to serving delicious sandwiches at an affordable price and promoting a healthy lifestyle for young and dynamic people. I bet, my cousin July will be very happy to dine here. He's a bread eater. He doesn't eat rice since he was small.
The Sandwich Guy offers whole wheat sandwiches using various deli ingredients with a price range of Php 70-150.00 pesos. Their menu is basically aimed to satisfy the demand for non-rice based meals.
I observed that they only use fresh, organic and healthy ingredients in making their sandwiches. Their menu also includes:
  • pasta
  • salad
  • baked potatoes 
  • fruit smoothies. 
 Wow! Hexagonal Bread!
Yes, that's the first thing I noticed when they served me my Crabstick and Mangoes sandwich - the hexagonal shape of The Sandwich Guys bread. Their whole wheat bread has six sides. Very unique indeed!

Bread lovers will love this whole wheat bread for its shape, extra flavor, added fiber and freshness. The Sandwich Guy baked their own bread. I wonder why they choose to bake their own bread for there are so many steps and so much time wasted waiting for the dough to rise, and all that hard work of kneading and shaping. With all the excellent bakeries to buy bread from, why would anyone want to make their own bread? I guess, The Sandwich Guy like their bread fresh and unique, don't you think so too?

Happy as I was with the taste and shape of The Sandwich Guy bread, I got sad when I learned from the staff that I can't buy a pack of The Sandwich Guy hexagon-shaped whole wheat bread. They simply don't sell them by the pack. They said I could enjoy them by ordering more sandwiches. To The Sandwich Guy owner: Can you do us a favor by selling those delicious hexagon-shaped breads by the pack?

Oh, la la!  Yummylicious! I love the grill marks on their Hexagon-shaped sandwich. They look so inviting! From what I learned from studying shapes, Hexagon means:
  • Communication 
  • Interfacing  
  • Balance  
  • Union
It may also be noteworthy that the shape of the hexagon is used in beehives. Personally, I think it refers to efficiency and community.
Their Chicken Pesto ( Php 80.00)  is so yummy!
Yummy Seafood Pesto ( Php 80.00).
 Cheesy Bacon Potato ( Php 95.00)
So inviting indeed!
This is what you call a service with a smile. He may be tired but the staff of The Sandwich Guy serves the pesto and sandwich with a smile :-)
I happened to chance upon this lovely lady on the day I visited "The Sandwich Guy" kiosk at the third level of SM City The Block. The lady and her dog are frequent visitors of The Sandwich guy.  

"I am a regular customer of The Sandwich Guy since they opened their very first store in Robinsons Cybergate Tower in Mandaluyong on January of 2008. I know The Sandwich guy menu by heart! Their sandwich is fresh, healthy and delicious. No wonder they rapidly expanded into 14 branches now." she quips.

Cool. Straight from the lips of an avid fan of Sandwich Guy, and I did not even ask her. I just said sorry because I was standing in front of The Sandwich Guy menu. Now, that is amazing. Excellent Products plus excellent customer satisfaction equals success.

She ordered an English Egg Sandwich, chicken pesto and a bottle of water. I watch how the staff of The Sandwich Guy prepared her sandwich.
Yes, you can watch them in their open kitchen while they prepare your sandwich!
All of their branches are designed to have an open kitchen that allows their customers full and complete view of the preparation of their sandwich as their personal guarantee of the freshness of their products and cleanliness of their store.
The Sandwich Guy abides by the high standards of the food industry in sanitation and food handling. I even asked the lady at The Sandwich Guy about the plastic mouth mask she's wearing, she said it is to safeguard the food from accidental spray when they talk while preparing the sandwich. That is so cool! The guys and gals from the food industry must require everyone in their food preparation department to wear the same mask.
From start to finish, a customer may view the preparation of their sandwiches. All its crew inside the kitchen wear aprons and hairnets. When the crew handles food, they wear food grade gloves. All the crew has passed the training for the sanitation and food handling as upheld in the food industry and approved by the franchisor.
They will then grill them right in front of your eyes. You can have it cut into two!
They can wrap the sandwich separately or together depending on the customer's request.
The finish product.
 The staff happily doing his job.
Inside the unique hexagon-shaped cubicle that houses the table and chairs of The Sandwich Guy. This grandfather said, he was supposed to bring home the sandwich to his lovely wife but couldn't resist to eat his share while it was still hot. He said it was so yummy. He finished off the sandwich in a jiffy.
Even muslim women loves The sandwich guy! They ordered chicken pesto and seafood pasta and a sandwich, maybe because it was halal approved? Cool if it is true!
The Sandwich Guy staff are very friendly and they serve with a smile. No wonder, young and old alike love The Sandwich Guy!
I also saw this sign from their counter. I think every establishment should have one for better customer relation. This goes to show how they value feedbacks from their customers. I like this. For comments, suggestions and complaints, please email them at for faster response.
Good News to The Sandwich Guy Facebook fans, if you show them a screen capture of your "like" to their FB page, The Sandwich guy will treat you to a free drink! Yehey! Minimum purchase applies. Like them on Facebook | Follow them on Twitter
A photo of their counter with their insignia.   
So, what are you waiting for? Go try The Sandwich Guy today! 


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  1. great article! personally I love the sandwiches of the sandwich guy

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