KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE: Brewed to Perfection

KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE: Brewed to Perfection

Like most Pinoy, I love dipping whatever food I eat in soy sauce. We call it sawsawan. A meal will not be complete without a dip. Agree or not?

Soy Sauce is a staple ingredient in most Filipino dishes, adding not only saltiness but flavor to food. This black liquid is precious – from the way it is actually made to the wonders it does to food.

Like fine wine, a truly fine soy sauce undergoes a slow, long, and meticulous process. And just like wines, which get better as the fermentation process gets longer, the best soy sauce comes from the longest processes. Something that took several months to develop will definitely taste better than something created in a matter of hours.

Unlike soy sauce brands which are artificially produced using corn syrup, salt, caramel coloring and other additives, a real, high-quality soy sauce is made naturally. A mixture of wheat, soybeans, water, and salt is brewed for months to allow the rich, complex, and mellow flavor to develop, resulting in a rich, savory taste.

Among the best naturally brewed soy sauce is the leading global brand Kikkoman, helping many families create delicious dishes since the early 1600’s.

As most people knowledgeable in cooking say when it comes to using soy sauce, the quality of soy sauce used is crucial in creating truly delectable and healthy dishes, especially since there are various brands available.

Consumers in the Philippines will be glad to note that every batch of Kikkoman soy sauce underwent natural brewing that includes three distinct steps: Koji-making, moromi fermentation, and refining.

Koji-making involves blending soybeans and wheat and the introduction of the proprietary culture starter. This mixture is left for three days in large perforated vats to mature. Moromi Fermentation, on the other hand, mixes the koji with brine solution to produce a mash called moromi. After several months, the matured mash is pressed to extract the raw soy sauce that will be refined and treated before packaging.

The process of natural brewing, though it takes a considerable amount of time, is significant to Kikkoman’s quality. Patience and effort are elements vital in making a really flavorful and all-natural soy sauce such as Kikkoman.

Because of this process, the soy sauce also serves as a flavor enhancer. The amino acid content, glutamic acid in particular, of Kikkoman soy sauce acts as flavor potentiators and umami contributors. Flavors in food are brought out when glutamic acid works in synergy with salt, which is also a main ingredient in Kikkoman soy sauce.

So if you wish to give your family or patrons a consistently delightful and memorable eating experience, choose a soy sauce created through a long and meticulous natural process that will help bring out the savor in every dish you cook. Just like fine wine or strong coffee, something brewed to perfection is worth every peso.

The world-famous Kikkoman Soy Sauce, now in 100-ml pouches, is available in leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide.


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