Refreshing Drinks At Marriot Hotel Manila

I was invited to a Bloggers' Event for the Flavors of Asia last Monday, July 2, 2012 at Marriott Manila.
I arrived at half past four in the afternoon together with two other bloggers, I chance upon on my way to Marriot Hotel Manila.
We were immediately ushered inside the lounge for an afternoon delight at Marriot Hotel Manila.
I love Asian Flavors! Having been born and raised in the Philippines. My taste buds is accustomed to Asian Flavors. I never thought I was missing a lot from this lifetime until the day my brother and I went to Thailand and Malaysia. I really had a great time at Sere-Selera in Kota Kinabalu during one of our seafood adventure, and our food adventure in Kuala Lumpur, and who would forget the gastronomic delights brought about by our Penang, Malaysia sojourn. Not to mention the happiness we felt when we first tasted the authentic Thai dishes in Bangkok and Ayuthhaya during our first New Year in Thailand.
And what a great way to celebrate the flavors of Asia right here in the Philippines, starting with a drink. The ever ready waiter served us unlimited drinks.
From Right to Left:

Apolkat Shake from Indonesia- a combination of Avocado & Chocolate. Yes, this is on top of my list. For me, this is the best among the four drinks that was offered to us that afternoon. 

Teh Tarik from Malaysia - a combo of Black Tea & Condensed Milk

Thai Lemongrass from Thailand 
Limade from Vietnam- fresh lime juice.

Each drink is unique and flavorful. You will really have a hard time to choose which one is the best after the apolkat. 

I have actually tasted them in their respective countries and I can say that Marriot Hotel Manila had done a good job.
Inside the lounge, I saw several familiar faces from the blogging community.

I was so happy when Fitz Villafuerte and Don arrived! They were part of my travel memories in Bacolod, during the Maskara Festival of 2010. They were two of the few bloggers that I met way back in 2010. I miss them dearly.
We also met the chefs behind this oriental celebration happening for the whole month of July at Marriot Cafe.
(from L to R) Fitz Villafuerte of Thirsty Blogger, JW Marriott Bangkok Thailand Thanatorn Krobsuay, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Malaysia’s Ruhizad Muri, Cha Sy of, JW Marriott Jakarta Indonesia’s Dadang Wahyudi, Renaissance Riverside Saigon Vietnam Phan Tien Hoa and last but not the least Don of bonga
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marriot Hotel Manila, Miss Vannah and Anton Carranza Jr. for the opportunity to have an afternoon delight with our fellow bloggers and for the actual dinner buffet at Marriot Cafe's Flavor of Asia.

If you think that it all ends here. You are wrong because Marriot Hotel Manila will conduct a special cooking class for only P1,500 net and that is already inclusive of a hearty lunch on the following dates:

July 9, 2012- Thai
July 16, 2012- Malaysian
July 23,2012 -Vietnamese
July 30, 2012- Indonesian. 

For those of you who are passionate about cooking please don't miss any of the above schedule. 

Terimah Kasi!

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  1. Sis! I want to try those! So lucky! I am thirsty right now!