All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother. -Abraham Lincoln

“A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking”- Helen Rice
I felt like crying every mother's day because I no longer have my mama with me here on earth. But every time I saw her favorite food, restaurants and her favorite showbiz actors and actresses. I feel happy for her, she lived her life well after all, why? because Mama has such a great taste. Everytime I see any 3M Pizza outlet or print ads, I always remember how my mom had loved this brand when she was still alive.
For your information my dear readers, 3M pizza is the pioneering fast-food chain in the Philippines that started its operation way back in 1969. For sure, 3M Pizza rings a bell to your grandparents, parents,uncles and aunties, and even with your older cousins and friends. This pizza brand has been around a long, long time, in fact 3M Pizza and almost every Pinoy home must really have come a long way inseparably observing traditional and modern celebrations one time or another.

I shared 3M beliefs that you have to treat your mom like a queen even for a day on Mother's day. Make sure she stays away from the kitchen for a day or two each year. Remember that a mother carried you in her womb for nine months, fed you and protected you even when she was in pain.

Pamper her and show her some TLC (Tender Loving Care) by not letting her wet her hands doing kitchen chores or anything tiresome. Let her dress up for the day ready to meet the entire family for lunch, dinner or merienda get-together in celebration of Mother’s Day. It’s going to be one ‘heaven’ of a reunion, where each family member gifts the light of the home with flowers, cake and, of course, the favorite family pizza Filipino homes have known for generations—3M.
Mother’s Day is one really good occasion to partake of 3M pizza because it’s the day you’ve all got to keep Mom away from cooking. It’s sufficiently gratifying to share 3M pizza with the rest of the family on this day. The new 3M pizza flavors further boost this pizza’s Pinoy image. We’ve now been been given truly Filipino flavors for us to broaden our choices. According to the top honcho behind 3M, Noel Sun, the company plans to expand their pasta and snacks line to supplement their spaghetti, lasagna and pizzadog. All are truly Pinoy na Pinoy to the palate!                                                                                                        
Surprise Mom, too, of 3M’s now beefed-up yummy offerings that include an assortment of pastas, salads and complete meal packages. One inspired Filipino dish that will surely bet your queen’s liking is the spicy Bicol Express pizza, which proved to be a big hit. The pasta line will also be expanded to include new variants that are uniquely Filipino. What about parading before her mouth-watering lasagna and crunchy fried chicken? Or stack up the meal table with an assortment of salads instead—for health! Mom will be surprised to learn that 3M is now not just a pizza parlor but one that serves an assortment of yummy treats for meals or snacks. There’s a wide array of sumptuous food to choose from. Drop by at 3M closest to home and in a jiffy, drive home with pizzas, pastas, salads, fried chickens, etc. etc. etc.–enough to feed the whole family.

“Currently, 3M, which has been around since 1969, has 44 outlets of which four are company outlets, the rest, dealers,” Sun said.

We all practically grew up with 3M as the only pizza parlor in the country. Back then it was a byword especially in middle to upper-income families. It was a Sunday bonding meal and a party fare as well. This writer and her siblings reminisce: “The times our parents brought us to parks after the Sunday mass we would usually pick up a big box of 3M pizza along the way and feast on it for that perfect family picnic.”
But if your queen seems bored staying home most of the time, then sweep her off her feet and drive around town with her, showing the latest gig places, and when she’s hungry, take her to the surprise of her life by treating her to 3M pizza. She’d really get the surprise of her life to see how 3M has ‘changed’ image to keep up with the times and how its menu today is a far cry from yesterday’s. Watch Mom’s face as she’d likely exclaim: “Transformed!” Uh-huh, 3M pizza has indeed transformed but the elements that came with the 3M pizza that Mom and Lola used to know are still very much around—and surely, Mom can discern those. Wanna bet?


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