Kim Chiu:Delfi Goya Chocoholic like you and me!

Kim Chiu:Delfi Goya Chocoholic like you and me!
What does Kim Chiu and you has in common? Yes! Kim Chiu is a Delfi Goya Chocoholic like you and me! I had always been a Chocoholic all my life! And Goya was my first love! I remember waiting for the day my Lola would visit us because I had associated her visits to Goya Chocolates. My Lola never gets tired giving me Goya chocolates every time she visits us. That's why I always look forward to her every visit.
So let me give my warmest hello to all Goyaholics! Summer had just bid us goodbye and it had definitely left a mark, what with your oh so obvious sun-burned skin ha ha ha! Did you know that summer had got even more intense with this red hot news from Delfi Goya? Were you able to catch Kim Chiu on her exciting radio tour?
Goya the much-loved chocolates by many Filipinos and Goya Brand ambassadress popular actress Certified movie queen Kim Chiu had made someone happy when she visited Love Radio 90.7 and Yes FM 101. If you had tune in from 9pm to 12mn to True Love Conversations with DJ Papa Jack at Love Radio, and Yes Diaries with DJ Chico Loco at Yes FM 101 for the Goya Summer Love Promo then you must had heard about the lucky caller, a security guard, whose answer about his fun experiences when he joined a training camp won a one-year supply of delightful Goya chocolates!
Both DJs gamely and happily welcomed Goya and Kim Chiu’s visit since both programs have not had any visitors before so for this day, they made an exception. During her visit, Kim and Goya had listeners gets excited through a call-in radio promo, where one lucky caller who will share his or her experiences would win fantastic prizes from Goya.
The young actress also encouraged listeners to give the new Goya chocolates a try, and added that chocolates are not only perfect as a snack but also an everyday treat or even as a gift to a loved one or special someone.
Kim also brought smiles to the staff of both stations when she and Goya gave away an assortment of Goya products like “Goya Everyday Chocolate Drink,” “Goya Bars” and “Goya Pretzel Twists” as their way of thanking the two stations for accommodating them during their visit.

For her parting words, the actress advised her fans to enjoy life and just relax, saying “Basta always have fun and enjoy life! Enjoy Goya!”
Enjoy life! Enjoy Goya!


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